Maison Eftya Manifesto 

Eftya is a genderless lifestyle brand. Created to express an energy built to embody, rather than an identity to be produced and sold. Eftya reflects the strife behind youth culture and creativity. 

We hold;
︎︎︎Authenticity as crucial to creative expression.︎︎︎Spectacle must meet substance.︎︎︎It is the wearer that possess the individuality to transform a garment.︎︎︎Garments must be lived in.
Eftya looks to accentuate this energy, ascending its Wearers to a higher realm of self expression.

Our House, Our Tribe.
Eftya takes care of its own, every step of the way.

In extending our light outwards in what we create we are also serious about reflecting this energy inwards in how we create.

Authenticity is crucial to creative expression. This is why Eftya pieces take time to create; from design process to drafting and pattern development, from textile experimentation to product creation, each stage requires high attention to detail and craftsmanship.

It is the spirit of Eftya to shine light on who our pieces are created by, where the materials come from and where they will go afterwards. Our collections are made available to purchase in made to order or small sized drops to avoid unnecessary waste.

Spectacle must meet substance.Eftya is locally produced in Indonesia, using locally sourced fabric from ethically sourced fibers.

Eftya Salon is made from biodegradable materials. Its rayon is made from 100% wood cellulose, harvested from ethically managed forests in Sumatra, Indonesia.

Each Eftya piece is handmade with love, by skilled tailors receiving rates well above industry standards. Our pieces are made in a small convection in the mountains of Garut, Indonesia. Proceeds from the sale of each Eftya piece go to supporting the families of this village. 

At the end of its life, each Eftya Salon piece may complete its cycle and be returned to the earth by burying it in fresh soil to fully decompose.

It is the wearer that possesses the individuality to transform a garment. The wearer breathes life into our pieces. Our collections are genderless, featuring inclusive sizing ment to elevate the energy of whoever embodies it. Eftya spreads the love by donating 10% from each item sold to a local charity. The first drop of Eftya Salon will be donated to supporting children in Garut, Indonesia pursue education during this pandemic.

Garments must be lived in. Eftya pieces are made with high attention to detail. Designed to enhance your journey through whatever realm you may choose to occupy.

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